17. januar 2010



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I especially liked it when Adamus said last Saturday during the Shoud, “Tell me how you’re going to make it real,” because that’s what I’ve been playing with these last few weeks – making it really real. And it’s finally working! Manifesting our choices here on Earth has been the frustration of so many Shaumbra, and it is indeed time to go beyond that. So I am answering Adamus’ invitation to tell him – and you – exactly how I’m making it real.

In the last couple Shouds Adamus has talked about how our choices do always manifest, but all too often they end up in the other realms instead of here on Earth. Why do you suppose that is?

It’s because your choices manifest wherever you make them. And if you’re floating off somewhere else, mostly out of your body, spinning in your mind and disconnected from yourself here on Earth, your choices are going to manifest somewhere out there. On the other hand, when you give yourself the time to get into your body, connect with All That You Are and FEEL it right here inside you, then your choices will manifest right here on Earth where you made them. Do you see how simple it is?

I had the experience a few years ago of erasing a chronic and irritating physical problem by pure choice. One morning I was just utterly fed up with it, and in a moment of total presence with myself I just said No More! Believe it or not, the condition was gone in that instant and has never returned. Since then I have tried many times to recreate that level of easy and immediate effectiveness, but never with much success. I would think about it, want it, wish it would work – but something was always missing.

Now I know what it was – and I laugh because our spooky friends have been telling us all along. I had to get into my body!

The absolute most important factor in making a conscious creative choice is to make it with All That I Am. Well, that sounds good, and it’s been a very nice mental concept for years. I would often think I was making a choice from “all of me,” and then wonder why it wasn’t working. However, in dealing with some fairly big choices recently, it all fell into place. (And now I’m going to attempt the impossible by explaining with words something that you have to experience to really get.)

In order to choose from All That You Are, you first have to experience and be All That You Are. This means to get into your body. Are you ready to do that? If so, give yourself a little time and become so focused on and in your body that you’re not paying attention to anything else. Turn inward, letting the awareness of everything else fall away. Feel your toes, legs, hands – everything. Bring your awareness into the blood that’s flowing through you, into your tissues and organs. Really FEEL your body as it’s humming along.

You’ll know you’re feeling it when you start tingling, getting warm, or having some other physical sensation. (These sensations are always there, now you’re just paying attention.) As you notice what you’re feeling, simply HAVE the sensation. Observe it fill or move through your body. The more connected you become with your body, the more you’ll actually feel it. If there’s pain, feel it. If there’s tiredness, feel it. When thoughts come, bring your attention back to what your body is feeling. Keep breathing. You’ll find that this isn’t work, this is creation and it actually feels good. In fact, you might even get a little preoccupied with the bliss of reunion!

Eventually you’ll feel ready to make your true conscious choice. Breathe deeply, enhancing everything that you’re feeling. Breathe in All That You Are. Breathe in the Life that you are. Feel every cell come alive. Breathe in whatever and everything that you are experiencing in your Now.

And when you’re ready, let it all burst forth with your choice! Feel it explode into the omniverse, reverberating with the patterns of what you desire. Perhaps you’ll express something like:

“I choose ___ !!” (abundance, freedom, total health, etc)
“I am done with ___ !!” (the games, hiding, being depressed, searching, fooling myself, etc)
“I choose to ___ !!” (love and accept myself, trust myself, lose weight, buy a house, etc)

FEEL your choice come from this core of integration, joy and desire that you’ve been basking in. FEEL the strength and joy and intensity and passion that is automatically present anytime your Essence is present. FEEL your choice radiate out to All That Is like the sun shining through the darkness. FEEL IT. You’ll be amazed at what you feel…

Then let it go. Completely.

Trust that you have made your choice, and simply go on living your life, following your inspiration, and allowing things to change. (That’s very important.) Don’t even bother with the thoughts and questions that will come… “Did I do it right? I don’t see a change yet. How will it happen? What if…?” Know that every single question and doubt is coming from your mind, and therefore doesn’t really matter.

One of my recent choices, as mundane as it seems, was to lose weight. And I hesitate to even share this because of the many overlays that seem to pile up on this subject. But there IS a solution! I had come to a place of totally loving and accepting and appreciating my body exactly as it was, AND I felt it was time to recreate it.

Now, I have wanted to do this for the last 14 years, and have tried a few things to force it to change. But these schemes – diets, exercise regimens, cleanses, etc - always backfired because I was pushing, forcing and efforting – using those false manifestor energies. (They don’t work.)

But this time I was in my true, full Self, in my body, filled with my essence, overcome with love and joy for my self and my expression here on Earth, and I made a true conscious choice – a choice made from the consciousness of All That I Am instead of mind judgments, doubts, etc – and I FELT my body respond. I felt it perceive my choice and immediately “go to work” to manifest it.

Since that moment less than one month ago, I have dropped nearly 10 pounds. What, why and how much I eat has changed, but not necessarily in the ways you might think. And again I hesitate to share the specifics because those aren’t the solution. There isn’t some new “Shaumbra weight loss diet” to tell you about, there is simply the reunion with Self. And for me the change is happening with absolutely no efforting, no control and no power struggles, but rather total acceptance, lots of feeling, and total trust in my choice. And I know the weight will continue to disappear because All That I Am heard, felt and participated in my choice, and I am therefore manifesting my new reality here on Earth.

So now that you know how it works – and that it really DOES work (I’m not some invisible spook talking about a nice theory!) – the real question is, are you brave enough to actually choose? Because when you make that level of conscious choice, it WILL change your life. Are you ready for that?

Dear Shaumbra, it really is time to make it real, and you can. You don’t need to “learn” anything else, only get deeply into you and into your body. It works! My life is already changing because of the choices I have made in wholeness, trust and connection with my body. After all, my body is the part of me that’s here on Earth, so that’s where I have to be to make it real!

Make it real, Shaumbra. No amount of whining, wanting, wishing, thinking, figuring or hoping will make ANY choice come true when you’re not fully present here on Earth. Get into your body. Feel it. Breathe. And your Shaumbra heart will guide you into a whole new world – created by You!

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