28. november 2009

Karen Bishop - ILLUSIONS



"WHEN WE BEGIN TO raise our vibration through the ascension process, we are then finally able to really see what is actually going on. Raising our vibration allows us to see beyond the veil of all the illusions. It is as if some cloud cover has been cleared away and now we can see what was really going on all the time. We are no longer, then, viewing things from the mis-perception and filter of our dis-connect selves.

When the illusions are finally revealed, it can cause what I call "ascension shock." It is as if we just found out that the two people we thought were our parents for our entire lives, were really our grandparents or perhaps our adoptive parents. When it becomes clear that things were not what we thought they were, it can throw us into a tizzy. But in a very short time, we seem to be able to adjust and move forward, only this time, we are in a very New space of enlightenment.

Breaking the illusions, frequently occurs in regard to our personal relationships. We may come to realize, and usually very suddenly, that our most cherished relationships with others were not what we thought they were. In the higher realms, relationships are based upon a mutual love and respect; very simply. If we are having relationships for other reasons, they will blow up in our faces in the higher realms.

When the illusions are revealed, we may come to see that we were in one relationship because we were lonely, or another because someone was a good listener. Or perhaps one of us was a good supporter, and we needed our needs met and were using another person for this purpose. Or maybe, we even enjoyed feeling important and needed ourselves. The list can be endless, but in the higher realms, we are complete and whole within ourselves and all our needs are met. Therefore, our relationships are based upon love and respect, and a wonderful and special equal purpose of companionship. When we come together as soul teams, another component is added that involves a mutual contribution to the planet, so things get even better!

Illusions can also be revealed in regard to how we thought things worked. At 3D levels, we were only able to explain things and offer stories according to what we could wrap our minds around at a 3D level. As we begin to expand and move into the higher realms, things get moved up a notch or two. We can find through our own personal experiences, that energy and spirituality was not what we had been told it was. Generally speaking, it is much more simple and loving. No lessons to be learned, karma to experience, or any other kind of harsh and consequential "rules." It simply involves learning how energy works and responds. And also knowing that there are higher and lower vibratory levels of energy. The rest is just a game that we made up in order to place meaning and a story on energy movement and manifestations.

Once many of the illusions are revealed, we are greatly freed up. No more boxes to fit into or be stuck in, and no more roads that we are forced to travel upon. Without the illusions, we can then live the way we were intended to live. The earth was originally created as a playground for experiencing and creating. We can then create whatever we choose when we are free from the illusions that were created from a lower level mentality and belief system.

Part of the ascension process involves restoring the earth to this original blueprint; the original blueprint of creating freely from a mindset of no restrictions or lower vibrating beliefs. So then, by suddenly being able to really "see" what was real and what was not, we are following along with the perfect plan of ascension.

If you have chosen this page, you are being asked to realize that illusions keep us in a box. By being able to take the plunge of being willing to see that things are not what they seemed, you will be greatly supporting your ascension process. Although it can be difficult to let go of the illusions, as they help us to feel secure, there is really more security in the higher realms through our increased connection to Source. Finally being able to "see" can be scary, but as you adjust and go higher, things really get better."

Info: Emerging Earth Angels

26. november 2009

the RECONNECTION v Ljubljani in Škofji Loki


je zdravljene z energijo, svetlobo in informacijo.

Na voljo je v Ljubljani in Škofji Loki. Cena enega zdravljenja je 50 evrov, treh pa 130.

Za dodatna vprašanja je obrnite na Jana - tlf . 041 387 021, e-mail: jan.ninyo@gmail.com.

Če kliknete na sliko, lahko več preberete tam. (ko se vam odpre z miško še enkrat kliknite nanjo, da se še malo poveča:)