28. julij 2008


A Time to Inspire
A Timely Message from Tobias

July 19, 2008 was an important date for Tobias. It was exactly one year before his full incarnation to earth in a physical body. And it was 10 months since the Quantum Leap. He delivered this message to a group of 60 people at the Eli Ashby Healing Arts Center in Arvada, Colorado on a beautiful summer evening.

Tobias talked about the many changes and challenges facing the world right now, from the economy and the environment, to politics and power. He explained that these events are part of the natural evolution of human consciousness. It’s not the end of the world, said Tobias, but rather the beginning of a new earth. It’s not a time to fear or run, but rather a time to inspire consciousness for humanity.

You can download a condensed text version of the channel in PDF format free of charge. Or you can download the complete channel and Questions/Answers for €9.61.

• Free condensed text version, PDF format – Approximately 250 kb

• MP3 audio download: Channel – 58:25 minutes and Questions/Answers – 40:06 minutes

- v PDF-ju, ki je na voljo kot ''free'' download je navedeno, da lahko besedilo prosto razširjamo, zato objavljam povezavo od koder si lahko tekst pretočite v svoj računalnik, brez, da bi se prijavljali v Shaumbra Shoppe - A TIME TO INSPIRE.

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