28. september 2007

~ You Are The Authority ~


You are the Authority

You are the authority in your life. There is no power in the Universe that has control over you and your life. It is your free will that allows you to choose the reality that you wish to create, just as your free will also allows you to make other choices. While you can be influenced by others and often are, the final choice in the path that you take is yours. When you give your authority to others, believing that they know best or that they can more efficiently create what you want, you simply give your power away and even then, they have no authority in your life other than what you allow them to have.

Giving your authority to others puts you in the position of walking on their path, which may not be the best option for you. You cannot adopt another's experience as your own, just as you cannot see the world with the same perspective as anyone else. If you believe that others can make better choices than you can, you are living with the expectation that they will take care of you, make you happy, make you feel better or bring you success. Have you had the experience where this has not happened?

Claiming your authority in your life puts you in the powerful position of eliminating those people who need to usurp your power in order to feel powerful. Each person chooses the path they wish to follow and will connect with those who have chosen similar paths. When you know, without question, that you are the authority in your life, you do not need to experience realities where you give your power away. No one can bring more joy, peace, blessings, security, abundance or love to your life than you can at any moment in time.

Living with the knowledge that you are the authority in your life puts reminds you that you are in charge and that your reality will unfold as you create it. This is powerful knowledge as it reminds you that you are a co-creator with the Universe - it is your job to ask for what you want and the Universe responds accordingly. This is not a random process - you will always receive exactly what you ask for, according to your intention and trust. So when you feel tempted to allow another to bring you joy, love, acceptance or happiness in exchange for your power, remember that you are the authority in your life. Do you want to walk on another's path? Remember also that you can only receive as much love, peace, abundance or happiness as you are capable of extending to yourself. Walk in power this week and remember that you are the authority in your life.

A message from Archangel Uriel channeled by Jennifer Hoffman, Monday, 20 February, 2006

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